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  • So mad!

    I was playing club penguin all happy and in a good mood. Then All of the sudden I get the worst alert ever: You no longer have permission to play with your puffles. Only members can adopt and play with puffles. Please get a Club Penguin Membership to continue to play with your puffles. That was truly the worst day ever. CP is forever ruined. More...
    Djebensjene's Picture   Djebensjene    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bring back EPF Missions!!!!!!!!!

    I really miss EPF Missions, you have no idea!!! I miss the achievements you can get from it and the beta test you needed to do to get into EPF. Now it has no purpose, you can only play 2 or 3 games and that's it. you don't feel like a proper EPF member. I enjoyed it SOOO much and it breaks my heart it is gone. PLEASE bring it back. I have no idea why it's removed anyway because it was SOOOO fun. It's puzzling why it is gone, it has no reason to be. I have a friend which misses it so much and I've seen comments on YouTube saying they want it back. It'll bring... More...
    (Repair Services)
    CheekyMonkey4's Picture   CheekyMonkey4    0 Comments   Comments
  • We all miss EPF Missions!!!!

    Like many others, I miss the EPF missions a great deal. Club Penguin is NOT the same without them. And I also miss the tests you would have to do to become an EPF member, now anyone can join and I feel like they don't deserve it. Gaining achievements from the missions was a great feeling of accomplishment and now I'm not as hooked into Club Penguin as I was because the slightest difference makes the playing less fun. I thought that the people who run club penguin had a purpose to make it better and better, then how come they got rid of the EPF missions?!?!! This isn't just... More...
    (Repair Services)
    WaWaCooCoo6's Picture   WaWaCooCoo6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sarah

    I hate the way that they have changed Club Penguin lately. I liked the fact that you had to complete a test before joining the EPF, now you don't have to. Plus you don't go on any missions anymore!!! I also hate that MEMBERS GET EVERYTHING!!! WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER PLAYERS WHO AREN'T MEMBERS, WHAT DO THEY GET? NOTHING!!! I DO NOT like the new Club Penguin at all, much less the new penguin design. Thank you for reading.... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • membership

    my membership had ended yesterday.I had bought a lot of cloths,things for my igloo, and puffles.I cant walk my dinosaur puffles and cat and dog puffles!!! I should still be able to access the things i have bought and what i have in my innovatory and not have to buy a new member ship.I also think it is unfair to get a outfit from what is going on(like holidays) you have to be a member. Or when they have missions going on you have to be a member to get the prize!!!! it is really unfair. More...
  • Memberships unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a non member now on club penguin. I have complaints on how club penguin is being really unfair to the people who play. First of all when a member becomes a non member they should be able to wear the clothes that they had bought with there coins when they were a member them should not make you buy a whole new membership just to wear clothes. Second, they should let non members buy more clothes inside the shop .... we don't want naked penguins walking around. Last complaint.... you should let all penguins....non members and members play all of the games and stages and also let them... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    ashlynn2013's Picture   ashlynn2013    1 Comments   Comments
  • Site is NOT Secure - Customer Service Rude

    Not only do I NOT recommend this site, but I recommend you stay away from it. There are safety issues that they know about and are not addressing. They disregard the parents and treat them as though they are the children and not the adults. They take your money and then get rude with you when you call about an account being hacked. This site is not safe. My children started off with free accounts a couple years ago then decided they wanted to upgrade to paid accounts a year-and-a-half ago. Things went well until almost a year ago when my then nine-year-old daughter tried to sign on... More...
    MaryBear's Picture   MaryBear    3 Comments   Comments
  • Completely Unfair

    There is a new event on Club Penguin called exploration and my daughter was so excited for the event. Being a single parent, i cannot afford to pay the member price every month, so my daughter was not a member. So she tries this explorer thing and right when she gets to the end, she finds out it is only for members! I think this is so wrong because some people in the world cant afford this costly bill every month an then the owner of the account cant even do everything that a member can do! WRONG! She was heartbroken! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Complaint

    Club penguin is a game for children to play you shouldn't have to pay real money just to be a member and say if your a member then your not they take everything of you when you have been paying them money for all that time for god sake its a game at the end of the day its not fair if your not a member then you cant buy anything you cant play on some games and you cant do this that and this its not fair and im not happy whats the point in earning all them coins from games and things if you cant spent them because your not paying club penguin money More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    19cheeky96's Picture   19cheeky96    0 Comments   Comments


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